Escape to Paradise in Mexico!

Los Barriles, East Cape, Baja California Sur

Get your own slice of paradise in Los Barriles! Now that we have moved to our new house, it is time. Dr Mary is sadly selling her Mar y Sol condo gem. You can check out the condo here.

Dr Mary is now in her Colorado office and seeing patients there. For an appointment, you may call her at 970-874-4547 OR e-mail her at For directions and a map showing how to get to her office, click here.

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Map of BCS


Tecate El Rosario San Ignacio Loreto Los Barriles


Tecate 240 555 724 1008
El Rosario 386 315 484 768
San Ignacio 893 507 169 453
Loreto 1165 779 272 284
Los Barriles 1622 1236 729 457

Where is Los Barriles and How Do I Get There?

Los Barriles is located halfway between La Paz and Cabo San Lucas in southernmost Baja California on the Sea of Cortez. GPS coordinates are: 23 degrees 67 minutes N, 109 degrees 69 minutes W. This area along the Sea of Cortez has long been a favored hideaway for anglers and adventurers. Windsurfers and kite boarders also claim it has the best wind in all of Mexico! The region around Los Barriles, also known as the East Cape, consists of a string of small settlements and villages, beautiful white sand beaches, rich fishing grounds and top-notch diving. Non-beach activities include hiking, biking, golf and horseback riding. There is a rustic “out-back” feeling to Los Barriles, and for the very adventurous, a dirt road takes you along the coast, past postcard-perfect beaches to La Ribera, Punta Colorado and Cabo Pulmo – the latter being a superb dive site within a national reserve. For dining, you will find everything from taco stands and family-style restaurants to fine dining with grilled seafood and lobster.

by plane

There is jet service from many major US airports to San Jose del Cabo (SJD), about a 45 minute drive from Los Barriles. You can find information about the SJD airport here and here. After deboarding the plane you will pass through immigration. You will need your passport and the blue and white immigration form that was given you on the airplane. They will stamp your blue and white form and give you one of the copies. Keep this form with your passport. You will need it to get out of the country.

After retrieving your luggage, you will go through Mexican customs. It's a little like playing the lottery. You push a button. A red or green light will illuminate. If it's green you just walk through. If red, they look through your luggage.

After customs you will pass by many time-share sales people from Cabo San Lucas on your way to pick up your luggage. If you do not want to waste your time right then with time-share, just pass by saying, "No Gracias".

After customs, you will need to pick up your rental car for the drive to Los Barriles. You can save money by booking your car rental in the US before your trip. Many credit card companies will provide collision/damage insurance on the rental car if you use their credit card to rent the car. However, you WILL need to get liability insurance on the rental car as the credit card company does not cover liability. Your US car insurance will not transfer to a Mexican car rental.

Ecobajatours (part of the ABC bus company) operates a shuttle van from the LB bus station to SJD Airport - Terminal 1 and to La Paz. They go 3 times daily. Tickets can be purchased at the LB bus station. One way trip to SJD Airport is $210 pesos. The van is an 8 seater, brand new, and does not stop along the way. For more information see their website. (ecobajatours), Los Cabos 52(624)144-3066 or Mex 01-800-026-8331

Another option is taxi. Here are some choices, though things are constantly changing, so corrections are appreciated:

Cell phone: 624 129-7038
Home phone: 141-0715
Cell phone: 044 624 165-1263
House phone: 141-0536
From the US: 011 52 624 165-1263
Ensenada de Palmas, Transportadora Turistica
Cell phone: 624 129-7206
Home phone: 01 624 141-0230
Eduardo Verdugo
Cell phone: 044 624 355-4986
Tel./fax: 624 141-0042
Octavio Aviles
Phone: 624 118-4405 or 624 127-3122

Los Barriles is 41 miles (68 km) north of the airport on Transpeninsular Highway 1. After leaving the airport, follow the signs to La Paz instead of going to Cabo San Lucas. I would recommend you make this drive in the daylight only, since many cattle and goats roam the area freely and are very difficult to see at night. A point of interest along the way is a sign denoting the Tropic of Cancer, just past km marker 81.

by automobile

What?! Going to Mexico isn't enough excitement? Now you want me to drive?! Well, for the more adventurous of you who have more time, the drive down the Baja is wonderful. It is about 1000 miles from the US/Mexican border to Los Barriles, and there is something different to see in each section of the Baja. Highlights include:

I would recommend you take some time (at least 4 days) to make the drive your first time. Towns we like to stop at along the way are:

Here is a map of where to find these places. If you have other places you recommend, please let us know so we can add them. Also, just e-mail us if you would like more info on the drive. Also, if you are driving a diesel truck and want reliable info on operating this truck on diesel fuel in Mexico, you can find good information from Ted White here.

by train

Sorry, there is no train service in the Baja. But wouldn't a train ride down the length of the Baja be spectacular? At least we can dream.

by boat

Well, the Baja is a peninsula, surrounded on 3 sides by water. So, sure you can get there by boat if you have one.

Community Information

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Calling to and from Los Barriles

Using the phones in Mexico can be confusing, even to the locals. Here is a table decoding how to use the phones.

An economical way to call home from Mexico is with VOIP (voice over internet protocol) using a computer. There is wireless internet service at the condo, and you can use Skype or Magic Jack. You can use the internet service but will have to bring your own laptop. If you have never used this service before, it is a good idea to get it working on your laptop BEFORE going to Mexico.

You must have a GSM phone (the kind with a SIM chip) to receive cell service around Los Barriles. T-mobile and the newer Verizon phones with GSM work, and I am told that both services have attractive plans for Mexico. AT&T also works well in Los Barriles, and if you have the AT&T Mobile Share Value Plan, you are in luck. For no additional monthly recurring charge, you can get unlimited talk (within Mexico and from Mexico to the U.S.), unlimited texting, and 1GB of data for use when roaming in Mexico. Just go here to sign up. You will have to sign up separately for EACH phone on your plan.

There are several internet cafés in Los Barriles. If you have a wireless laptop, you can get free internet connection while eating at Tio Pablo's or the Roadrunner Cafe in Los Barriles.

Dining Out & Getting Around

The restaurants we have listed here are ones we have tried and liked. Those in green are particularly good and should not be missed. If you find a restaurant you would like to add, or if you have comments, please share them with us!

RestaurantCommentsGPS Coordinates (click to see map)
Baja Cactus RestaurantGood breakfasts, on Highway 1, near the north gas station.23º40'57"N 109º43'05"W
Bay ViewAt the south end of the Hotel Palmas de Cortez. Good food right at the edge of the beach. We like to go there to watch the full moon rise while having their appetizers and margaritas.23º40'35"N 109º41'51"W
Campestre TrinyGreat comida Mexicana (Mexican food). If you enjoy your meal, tell them, "¡Me gusta!" (I like it!). Always the first place we have dinner after arriving from up north.23º41'12"N 109º41'55"W
La Fogata23°41'08.2"N 109°41'56.5"W
Galería Café Los AngelesDelicious, geniune Mexican food! Also, quality local art and curios if you want to take something home.23°40'56.6"N 109°42'06.5"W
El Gecko Beach Club23º42'00"N 109º42'02"W
Hot Dog y Taqueria "Dylan"At 3-dog corner, across from El Barrilito. Open air dining, beginning at 7pm. Great hamburgers and Mexican food. Try the Vampiro.23°41'21.2"N 109°41'59.7"W
Hotel Los PescadoresA new chef with wonderful cuisine.23°41'57.6"N 109°42'25.3"W
El Japones Hot Dog StandGreat hot dogs and hamburgers as well as Mexican food, on Highway 1, between km markers 107 & 108.23°39'47.1"N 109°41'58.4"W
Lighthouse Pizzain Plaza del Pueblo -- 130-222223°40'44.4"N 109°42'27.4"W
Maria's Restaurant23º41'14"N 109º42'08"W
Martin Verdugo's23°40'56.1"N 109°41'47.9"W
El Pirata Marisco RestaurantNext to Chapito's grocery store -- open daily 11am - 7pm.23°40'46.0"N 109°42'04.6"W
PiscisGreat Mexican food, slightly off the beaten path, just around the corner from Chapito's Supermercado, on the way to Chapito's back parking lot23°40'46.1"N 109°42'06.8"W
La PlayaOne of our favorites. Great comida mexicana, right on the beach, just around the corner from Green's Restaurant.23°41'20.508"N 109°41'47.039"W
Los Primos LBAuthentic Mexican food from and husband and wife team.23°40'45.8"N 109°42'05.5"W
Rancho Buena VistaA nice place to stop while walking down the beach to have a drink and snacks.23°39'13.8"N 109°41'21.0"W
Rancho Leonero23°37'54.4"N 109°38'26.9"W
Roadrunner Cafe & BakeryNice place for breakfast. Free wireless internet.23º40'45"N 109º42'13"W
Smokey's Grill & CantinaGreat place for a beer and a burger while watching American sports television.23°41'01"N 109°41'56"W
Spa Buena VistaGood food AND a ribbon fish (also called an oar fish) mounted on the wall of the restaurant. If you have never seen one of these, the trip is worth it just to see this specimen.23º38'45"N 109º41'04"W
La Terazza de GermánExcellent fish. Good margaritas. Quality personal service.23°40'46.0"N 109°42'01.5"W
Tico's RestaurantOn the north end of the Hotel Palmas de Cortez -- a good place for breakfast. If you have never had them, try the chilaquiles.23º40'42"N 109º41'49"W
Tio Pablo'sGreat Mexican food. Free wireless internet.23°40'51.0"N 109°41'56.5"W
El Viejo TaqueriaA perennial favorite and great place for breakfast or lunch. The town's most popular taco place. Don't miss it!23º41'09"N 109º14'56"W

Currency Calculator

While the US dollar is accepted virtually everywhere in Los Barriles, you will get the best deal if you use Mexican pesos.

Craig's Margarita Recipes

There are good margaritas to be had at the restaurants in Los Barriles. However, for the best margarita you will have to either come to our house or make your own using our recipes below. Enjoy!

Margarita on the Rocks

For an authentic Margarita recipe on the rocks, go to How to Make a Real Margarita. The only suggestion I have for improvement would be the addition of 1/6 part of Damiana (see below) to this drink. Damiana is the "secret ingredient" to the margaritas made in Cabo San Lucas. This makes a 1 part tequila, 2/3 part lime juice, 1/3 part Controy, 1/3 part Jarabe syrup, and 1/6 part Damiana drink. Watch out; it is powerful!

Frozen Margarita

Remember the Baldwin sisters on The Waltons? The ones who were always making "the recipe?" My husband, Craig, experimented for 3 years with all sorts of complicated recipes for a frozen margarita. In the end, the tastiest recipe he could invent was also the easiest! So here is his recipe for "the recipe!"

The secret ingredient to the most delicious and Damiana Bottleeasy-to-make frozen margarita is Damiana Tequila Liqueur, a light herbal-based liqueur from Mexico. It's made with the Damiana herb, a natural aphrodisiac that grows in Baja California, Mexico. It has great mixability and tastes great as a shooter. The bottle is shaped like a pregnant woman and is modeled after the Incan God of Fertility. The Damiana Margarita is very popular in the Los Cabos area of Mexico. Thanks to Pepe, the bartender at the pool at Misiones del Cabo, for teaching us about Damiana.

Craig makes the frozen margarita in a 1½ quart automatic ice cream maker. The ingredients are:

Put all these ingredients in the ice cream maker tub (limeade last), and turn on the ice cream maker. You will have delicious frozen Margaritas in about 20 minutes.

If you are not in a hurry and you do not have an ice cream maker, it works to just mix the ingredients and place them in the freezer for 24 hours. We like to make several batches ahead and keep them in the freezer for guests.